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A Meditation Retreat


Women Living in the World

with Martha Piersma

Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher

Friday October 25, 2019

4-8 pm

The Path of Intimacy

Honoring your Unique and Natural Rhythms in Life & Meditation

Saturday October 26, 2019

10-1 & 2-5 pm

Sensory Celebration

The Skill of Tenderness & Self-Compassion

Instincts: The Wise Motions of Life

Elemental Delight

The Hummingbird Lodge

Healing Arts & Event Center

Missoula, MT

What woman doesn’t yearn for time for herself, without having to be anything for anyone else? To rest, to restore, to settle in. To catch up with all the thoughts that fly in and out all day. To sort her feelings from everyone else’s. To be in touch with her rhythms and to get back to her own essence……

Meditation is our time for being with ourselves – in a life supporting, rejuvenating and restoring way.

Meditation is enjoyable as you spend time with what you love about living in the world.

Meditation is healing and is similar to receiving a loving embrace from the natural world.

No experience necessary, just a willingness to fall back in love with life. 

Martha Piersma has been studying with Dr. Lorin Roche for the last 3 years, being trained as a meditation mentor.

Dr. Roche is the author of the Radiance Sutras, Meditation Made Easy, Whole Body Meditations and co-authored with his partner Camille Maurine the book Meditation Secrets for Women.

Attend the Friday evening session for $75

Attend all day Saturday for $108

Both days for $170