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Sensory Celebration!

A Meditative Experience on the Path of Intimacy

We connect with our outer worlds through our senses and each sense in its own way is bringing news of the universe. Each sense is continually absorbing the energies of creation and transmuting this into the art that we are seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting. The peacock feather is a symbol for the magic of the senses, the gift and blessing we are always receiving through every sense.

For most of us our senses have become dull. This is bound to happen. We live in a world where everything is moving so fast. So many changes are happening that we can’t keep up. In essence, we miss out on the beautiful world around us.

In this 3 week course we will journey through the senses in the outer world, reconnecting neural pathways in our brains. This is healthy and a wonderful way for you to fall back in love with your life.

All are welcome. You don’t need to be a regular meditator and if you have a style of meditation you love this course will enhance your experience.

This course will meet in my home studio, located at 1001 Park Lane. This is the Three Mile Area of Stevensville. I have a lovely loft with cushions, bolsters and blankets and east facing windows. It’s vital for us to be comfortable physically during this time.

Martha has been studying for 3 years with Dr. Lorin Roche, PhD, author of Meditation Made Easy, Meditation Secrets for Women and The Radiance Sutras.

Your investment – $75
September 18, 25 and October 2

6:30-8:30 pm



Autumn Equinox Ceremony

Sunday September 22, 2019

6:30-8:30 pm



As women we feel the shifting of the seasons in our bodies and our hearts.

In this gathering we will embrace all that you are feeling and sensing. Martha will guide you in carefully chosen meditations with plenty of time for you to be with your own musings and wonderings. You are free to be your natural self during the equality of light and dark.

 Altar creation, meditating, chanting, movements and time for journaling. Please come prepared to be in nature for part of the time.

It will be lovely to have your journal by your side to capture thoughts, insights and those lovely aha moments through language or art.

Please register to reserve your space.

 Red Bird Loft

1001 Park Lane



The Radiant Yin Yoga Teacher Training and Immersion, offered by Martha Piersma RYT500, Yin Master Teacher and Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher, is a unique experience to deepen your overall yoga practice and to encourage an understanding of your power, which is always flowing everywhere in your body. You will touch tissues rarely touched in a more active, yang style of yoga. When you sense the currents of pranashakti flowing through your body we naturally respond with awe, wonder, and delight. Awe is healing. Yin Yoga is healing and balancing for this fast paced world we live in. Designed for the yoga enthusiast as well as the certified yoga instructor. 

What are these energies

Undulating through our bodies,

Pulsing us into action?

Most yoga classes that are offered in the studios in your area are yang infused. And while this is wonderful, it’s only addressing some of the tissues in the body, the muscles. We need both yin and yang expressions in order for us to be in a state of homeostasis. Yin Yoga is healing for your connective tissues, joints and organs. And now you can learn to teach a safe and engaging Yin Yoga class. Your class sizes will increase with the offering of Yin Yoga. You will attract new students because of your offerings of balanced practices.

Yin asanas are longer holds, low to the ground and lend themselves well to a meditative experience. The Radiance Sutras is a text that is earthy, intimate and awe inspiring. Martha will share ways of weaving the Sutras into your Yin classes, which offer ways of changing stiffness into fluidity, replacing density with shimmering energy. As you engage with opening the channels of energy in your body you will naturally be infused with the Divine.

What is this delight-filled universe

Into which we find ourselves born?

What is this mysterious awareness

Shimmering everywhere within it?

Teaching is learning! Our journey here is an ongoing conversation with ourselves and this opens us to a deeper connection with our students. In my 10 years of teaching yoga and 15 years of a personal practice, intimacy and acceptance with myself has opened up a whole new world of connection with my students. A connection steeped in Love.

You will receive 32 contact hours and 8 non-contact hours for a 40 hour training certification through Yoga Alliance.

Pay in full by September 3 for early bird pricing of $600
After September 3 $650

3 day option will participate in 27 hours of yin and meditation. (Thursday-Saturday)

Pay in full by September 3 for early bird pricing of $495

After September 3 $545


Daily Schedule

Thursday September 26 8-6 pm

 Red Willow Healing Center

Friday September 27 8-6 pm

Hummingbird Lodge

Saturday September 28 8-6 pm

Hummingbird Lodge

Sunday September 29 8-1 pm

Hummingbird Lodge

The Radiant Yin Yoga Teacher Training will provide:

Knowledge of the Philosophy and Practice of Yin Yoga

Understanding the practical benefits of Yin Yoga: Energetically,

Physically and Mentally

Learning the difference between Yin and Yang styles of yoga

Knowing what stops you: Tension or Compression

Working through the common Yin poses

How to use props in your classes and at home

Yin Yoga and arthritis

The skill of  weaving the Radiance Sutras into the flow of class

Practice in teaching a Yin Yoga class and ways to promote

A Yin Yoga workbook

A certificate of completion

Required textbooks: The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark or YinSights by Bernie Clark

The Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche, PhD

Testimonials from past trainees:

I’m at a loss for words to describe the Yin training led by Martha Piersma. While there was plenty for my brain to chew on with anatomy and physiology, it was the energetic and spiritual aspects of the experience that left the strongest impression on me. This would not have been possible without Martha’s strong, yet subtle and peaceful, way of holding the space for attendees to let go of everything else and sink deep into the teachings. Our culture supports and praises yang energy and as a result we tend to spend a lot of time and effort pushing and driving ourselves to be and do more, and more. So spending five whole days sinking in to the yin energy of quietude, darkness and softening, while feeling safe and supported, was a powerful experience. It was not only an opportunity to expand our knowledge and understanding of Yoga – the yoking together of the seemingly opposing forces of dark and light – it was also an opportunity to get out of our heads and listen to the wisdom of the body.  Turi H
A longtime practitioner and teacher of flow yoga, I went from Yin skeptic to Yin enthusiast in just four days. This training changed both my own practice and the way I teach. I love having all these new tools in my toolbox! Kathy W

Non-teacher track