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Workshops & Trainings

Strengthen Your Roots:

A 6 week offering for Women



For 6 weeks on Sunday morning we will gather to strengthen our INNER ROOTS with wisdom, love and power. In essence, falling in LOVE with LIFE! 

Your senses, your natural instincts and claiming your inner authority are ways to awaken deep impulses that are vibrating within you. We will focus 2 classes on each of these doorways. You will be empowering yourself as women in the world who have busy and creative lives. You will feel yourself listening deeply to your inner wisdom and be guided from this place of inner strength. 

Commit to diving in deeply into who you are, with love and acceptance for everything. All emotions, sensations and thoughts will be welcomed in, not pushed aside or down under. You are filled with PRANASHAKTI and there are creative ways to release stuck energy and open new currents of vitality and JOY through movement, meditations and breath practices. You have a special gift in this life. Let’s get clear on what you have to offer. The Universe is always on your side!

1001 Park Lane Stevensville

Sundays at 8:30-10:30

Beginning September 23 and running through October 28, 2018 


September 23:   Awaken Your Senses!

We begin our inner strengthening by awakening each of the senses, familiar senses such as sight and hearing, and not so familiar senses. Through movement, dance, breath practices, chanting and meditation we begin to tune into our deeper sense of who we are. We become familiar with our own rhythms and vibrations. If you have a favorite essential oil or a beautiful swatch of color please bring it with you to your first class. I have EO’s as well that you may choose from.

September 30: Deepen Your Sense of Pleasure! 

Let’s connect with what evokes in you feelings of great pleasure and joy living in a woman’s body. A major part of learning to meditate is unlearning patterns of stress. We will be examining what taboo feelings may come up as you learn to relax and be easy with yourself.


Building Strong Bones!

A Workshop for Reversing Bone Loss 

The statistics are staggering in the U.S.

According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation USA,  Osteoporosis and low bone mass are currently estimated to be a major public health threat for almost 44 million U.S. women and men aged 50 and older.

Empower yourselves and take charge of your bone health. Gain knowledge and have fun practicing a sequence of 13 postures designed for strengthening your bones.  This sequence was designed by Loren Fishman MD and has been proven to strengthen our bones. It’s a fun sequence and will take only about 15-20 minutes a day to practice. Martha will be guiding you in healthy alignment of your skeleton, discussing modifications and you will receive the postures in a workbook so you have a reference guide.

Workshop Dates

Monday October 8 at 11:15 – 12:30 pm

Saturday October 27 at 9:30 – 10:45 am

Pick a date and register today!  Take one or both!


Building Strong Bones!

Yin Yoga Training


In-Depth Study and Advanced Training with Martha Piersma

ERYT200/ RYT500/ YACEP  and Yin Specialist

2019 dates coming soon!

In depth study and advanced training with Martha Piersma, ERYT200, RYT500, YACEP and Yin Specialist.

Yoga as we practice it in the West is a dynamic, active practice designed to work only half of our body, the muscular half, the “yang” tissues. Our bodies need stability and strength. But as we age our flexibility diminishes and our vitality diminishes if we are not actively stressing our yin tissues.

Yin Yoga is is a static way of being in yoga poses for longer periods in order to better nourish the deeper connective tissues and organs. It is a perfect opportunity to soften and cultivate your mental state as well, allowing the energy body to redistribute vitality throughout our system.



Yin Yoga Training