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The Breathing Project – A Lunch & Learn Event

I find myself feeling overwhelmed. With out of town guests, laundry piling up and a lawn that needs attention I return to my best friend, my breath. I notice it has become short and shallow which only increases my feelings of smothering under the weight of responsibilities. It’s time for a spoonful of my own medicine. I’ve been teaching about the breath since becoming a yoga teacher 7 years ago. But it wasn’t until a year ago that I seriously began looking at my breath.

                                              Healing is every breath.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

I step away from my computer, the dirty laundry and my guests. I lie face down with my arms crossed so I can rest my head on them. I begin to feel my belly connecting to the earth beneath me. Within 30 seconds I am reminded of the reality that I am enough.

A couple of minutes has now passed and I turn over and spread my arms out like wings. With my inhalation I imagine I am breathing in through my right palm and out through my left palm. My breaths turns around magically at my heart center. This feels wonderful.  I am reminded that I am living an authentic life and the little details of being a human will work themselves out. No reason to get so anxious.  Then my attention turns to the soles of my feet where I feel the breath flowing in, and back out again at the crown of my head. I feel connected to a greater source of energy.

Once you enter the stillness of the breath you get a glimpse of what is really happening, not some made up version of life slamming you up against the wall. It’s comforting to know that you have the power to heal yourself, whether it be anxiety, depression or simply feelings of overwhelm. Your body, mind and breath are intimately connected and can influence each other.  In this Lunch & Learn workshop we will look at common challenges we all face and how to apply breath awareness to return to our center. Breath awareness is a wonderful doorway into meditation. And meditation is the best way I know of to manage stress.

In this day long retreat there will be movement to help release tension from your body, breathing practices that you can use at home, a delicious lunch which will be prepared with love by our chef Janice.  This will be a day of relaxation and renewal – for YOU!

Through my work with the Chopra Center in Carlsbad CA, studying with Erich Schiffmann and most importantly my work with myself I have discovered inner peace and calm.

 “For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth.” ~Sanskrit proverb

If you find yourself in Bozeman on August 17 I would love to have you join me. Grab a friend, drive on over (it’s only 4 hours) spend the night on the 16th and enjoy a full day of relaxing and restoring yourselves. Us the link to register for this one day event.

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