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The Breathing Experience

It begins the moment you are born. You become a breather. Without even being aware, your journey on this earth begins. The journey will be filled with joy, sadness, excitement, pain, sorrow and contentment. The first breath of oxygen happens about 10 seconds after delivery. Your lungs have been filled with amniotic fluid, until the umbilical cord is severed. And then the magical journey begins.

Up until about 8 years ago I never even thought about breathing.  And then I ran into a bump in the road. I had a traumatic experience in 1985 and until about 2002 I was doing okay. But then something shifted, as it always does. I started experiencing anxiety, high blood pressure and depression. I did like so many other people do. I sought help from an allopathic doctor. I hadn’t begun my yoga journey yet so I all I knew about was western medicine. And much to my surprise my choice in doctors brought me to a woman who was trained in both western medicine and Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga. She had just started dabbling in Ayurveda.  She was instrumental in pointing me in the direction of yoga.

I began working on physical postures, still without much thought about breathing. Through the postures I began to release tension in my body/mind/spirit. And it wasn’t until I entered yoga teacher training that I thought about my breath.  Read The Cosmic Breath here.  I have learned so much about how I can heal through the breath and after studying my breath for the last year or so I am now sharing with others.

It’s not quite like taking a pill to “fix” the challenges you may be facing in your life. But it’s almost that quick. With the study of your breath you aren’t fixing yourself, but rather  entering into a state of wellness and healing. I’m not going to tell you it’s easy but by placing yourself in a safe space, at the right time, you too can heal by studying your breath. I no longer have high blood pressure or depression. And when I do begin to feel that old anxious feeling in my gut it doesn’t take me long to come back to my center through connecting with my breath.

Your breath is your friend. It can tell you so much about yourself in a compassionate and kind way. It will show you how beautiful life can be. It’s always there too. You can spend 5 minutes just to check in with yourself. A handy way to see if you are doing okay.

Let’s start right now. You and me together. Let’s take a big inhale and then let the breath go. Go ahead. Do this a few times. You can inhale through the nose and let the breath escape out of your mouth. You may even make a sighing sound. Good. Now don’t you feel calmer?

Join me at Sweet Zenith in Bozeman, MT for a day long journey into your breath. We’ll do it together. The space is safe and has a healing vibe to it.

For today, I invite you to watch my favorite TED Talk with Max Strom.

And then register for my Lunch and Learn: The Breathing Project.


Yours in Peace,



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