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 Summertime Yin РA 5 week series with Martha

It’s a Yang time of year – hot, lots of light, and the feeling that we can just keep going and going and going. We have family and friends visiting from all over because we live in such a beautiful place. We travel to our favorite camping spot, we hike, garden and play in the sun. And then we realize we are perhaps overdoing it a tad. Aren’t we always striving for balance in our lives?

Summer is the perfect time to add a yin practice to our week. Morning is the best time to practice yin, before our muscles warm up. And I can’t think of a better setting to practice. A grassy, shady lawn next to the Middle Burnt Fork.

Join Martha and friends as we kick off the season of Yin Yoga. We’ll gather for 5 Wednesdays beginning June 28 and ending on July 26. 8:30-9:45 in the morning. A lovely time of day to circle up.

Martha received her Yin Yoga teaching certificate in July 2014 and practices yin to remain balanced during this phase of life. She creates thoughtfully sequenced practices incorporating pranayama and meditation into every class.

$50 for the 5 week series, $15 for a single class.


June 28 – July 26

8:30-9:45 am

849 Middle Burnt Fork Rd


406-375-5764 with questions

$50 for the series of 5 classes

$15 for a single class


The Art of Meditation and Pranayama

This workshop is perfect for the new meditator or for the meditator who has stepped away and would like a boost to re-establish the habit of this healing practice. A different meditation style will be introduced each session. There are so many methods to finding your way “into the gap” and individuals typically find that one or two styles work better than others. This will be an experiential exploration!

You will also be guided in beginning pranayama practices – safe breath work for everyone. Pranayama prepares the individual for meditation as it consciously relaxes the body and calms the mind. A group meditation session creates an especially energy that can inspire even the most reluctant meditator.

Stay tuned for upcoming dates and locations




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