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Journey Into Breath


 From the moment of conception we are being rhythmically rocked by the breath of our mother. We are nestled into this safe, dark and watery realm with every cell being nourished. We take our first breath 30 seconds after delivery. It’s the biggest breath of our life.

We are arriving into the world and the world arrives in us.

We breathe with freedom in the innocence of our youth. As we age we begin to rub up against life’s challenges, protecting ourselves by constricting our breath. When we unconsciously restrict the breath we have taken ourselves out of the flow of life.

When we hold or restrict the breath we are really trying to control our experiences rather than being present with “what is”.

Each class in this 4 week series we will practice various forms of breath awareness. The mechanics of these practices are relatively easy as you become the observer of your own relaxed nervous system.

Nature made the breath as a sort of doorway and we can enter into our own selves through this door.

This class is suitable for all humans. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to check in and get settled. Bring a yoga mat. All accessories will be provided. Dress in layers. 

Starrett Artist Studio

Main Street


Monday October 9, 16, 23 & 30

10-11:15 am

$60 for the series payable cash or check on October 9






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