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Tiger Sanctuary in the Bitterroot


I live on 20 acres in the Bitterroot Valley, Montana. As far as I know I am the only person with a Bengal Tiger Sanctuary. Is it real or is it imagined? Both I am inclined to say. It began one day while I was moving some strong energy through my body and through my heart.

I was in a professional relationship that was no longer supporting me and on this morning I cut the cord, ending a 5 year stint of never feeling like I was good enough. I was never heard and subsequently never felt “safe” in this relationship. But I believe this was needed in order for me to heal some old wounds. I believe that we have generations of wounds and injuries stored in our tissues. I also believe that it is our journey to heal the old generational wounds in order for me and future generations to live more fully in their hearts.

While moving this stored and blocked energy in my body I received a gift from the mythic world. A gorgeous Bengal tiger appeared to me. He was winding and pacing around the area I was in, snarling, growling and swiping his paws in the air.  I received a very clear message that my tiger was protecting me. I felt the protection and relaxed into my new reality.  I am unable to fabricate this experience. I am writing from within the energy that is flowing through my body.

That same day while moving my body in spontaneous ways, I looked out of my studio windows and there in the tall grasses of my land were dozens of Bengal Tigers. Wow! I had a whole streak of tigers. (A streak is the name for a bunch of tigers!) Once again, a feeling of safety and protection washed over me. I have a new ally in my inner world who is showing up in my outer world. I believe this is my yoga. I feel safe to be my own unique self while meditating. I inhabit my outer world with strength and vitality, tall in my posture and with 360 degree awareness. Alert and ready. Relaxed and easy in spirit.

And as I clear my land, ridding it of noxious weeds like thistle and the spotted knap weed, I feel as if I am in a regenerative relationship with the natural world. Just like every other relationship in my life, I am taking great care to create a sanctuary for my tiger allies. It is celebratory and a ritual that is now part of my daily existence. There are stretches of days where I sense my tiger friends are being lazy, sleeping in the tall grasses and there are days where I can feel them waking, stretching and prowling the boundaries. It always coincides with my inner world. I am aware of days that I feel settled and clear (tigers are sleeping and resting.) There are days where I feel like I need to protect myself, my professional work and my family and then the tigers are snarling and pacing. It’s wonderfully liberating and soothing to have such support from the mythic world.

I am creature. I am human. I am Divine. This is my yoga.




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