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Study, Practice, Learn and Share

I haven’t always been a good student. I didn’t get the highest grades in my graduating class of 1979. I just simply wasn’t into school. There were so many other interesting activities out there – like parties, drinking alcohol, staying out late and joy riding in my car. I guess you could call these distractions “education” too!

And then I stepped onto a yoga mat. The timing was perfect – as it always is when you are ready and open.

This is when my education began in earnest. I began learning about myself. Subjects like stretching, strengthening and breathing lit the fire in my belly. I fell in love with the yoga and couldn’t wait to go to my next class.

You know you are really “into it” when you begin buying books on yoga, watching movies about yoga, talking about yoga and breathing yoga. I studied the history of yoga. I read about the gurus and sages of yoga. I dove into anatomy books like I was just waking up to the fact that I had a physical body!

Then I began to travel to be in the room with the yogis whom I respected.  And after practicing with some really influential yogis and being in their physical presence I stepped onto the path of becoming a formal student. Maybe I too could share my love of yoga.  I could teach.

As a teacher of yoga, certification in hand, and good intentions in my heart I truly thought the education part of my journey was complete. Boy was I wrong! I opened a yoga studio so people in the valley where I live could have a space to practice. I placed another certificate of learning in a frame and hung it on my wall. And another. I just couldn’t get enough.

And then the day came about a year ago where I carefully closed the books on meditation, yoga and breathing. I stopped traveling. I ceased going to group classes and cut back on my teaching schedule.

I was finally ready to learn from myself.  I learned about habits that weren’t serving me. I studied my emotions and what was lying underneath them. I studied my breath and my relationship with others. And I discovered that I was my own best teacher.

I had a dedicated meditation practice that was serving me well. I studied my own breathing rather than reading about someone else’s breathing. I got on my mat – some days I didn’t even stand up. I just rolled around and experimented with different movements and stretches. I was learning from myself because I was my best teacher.

Where am I now? I am teaching again in the valley where I live. I am teaching other students who want to become yoga teachers too. And I’m still talking about, reading and listening to all things yoga.

I’ve stepped onto the path to receive another certification of becoming a meditation teacher. I just couldn’t help myself!

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