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Distance to Empty

I was driving into town yesterday morning and I noticed that my vehicle gives me a message regarding my fuel levels. Distance to Empty – 34 miles.  It dawned on me that our bodies send us similar messages. They alert us when we are getting low on energy through subtle messages such as a little ache here or a twinge there.  Our vital life force energy is similar to the fuel we put in our cars and our yoga practices are similar to pulling up to the gas tank. If you are in the habit of doing a bit of yoga everyday and then miss a few days you know what I mean. Our backs become stiff, our hips feel tight and there is a sense of being unconnected to our physical bodies. I also believe that when we begin to get low on fuel the doubts creep in.  The little worries and concerns that we carry around get bigger. Before you know it you are spinning out of control and getting slammed by life. I believe that our bodies don’t lie to us and the messages are always there. If you continually drive your car without heeding stop signs or red lights, what happens? Eventually you are going to hit something! So pull up to the gas station, turn your car off and refuel, either by getting on the ground and stretching or sitting quietly noticing your breath.

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