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Deep Listening

As a member of the  collective of women on the path of yoga and self-transformation I am dedicated to supporting our values at the YogaMotion Academy.  This is the beauty that I volunteered to write about:

We actuate deep listening and conscious communication.

In this day and age we have different forms of communications. Text messages, face book messaging, emails, phone calls, face time, Zoom, Skype, face to face and this isn’t even including the conversations you have with yourself! It’s exhausting!

As  I sit at my computer to write about deep listening and conscious communication I am being met head on with my own challenges with conscious communication. I know that I am good with this when I am in the teachers seat, leading a group of yogis through breath work, asana or meditation. But I do have a hard time with it when I’m having a conversation with friends and family members.

Is it possible that we are not pausing before we engage in day to day conversations?  My guess is probably! We live in a world of to-go meals, coffee on the run, deadlines and running the kids to soccer games and school events. Is the lack of mindfulness contributing to so many of our worldly issues? Isn’t this what we are really talking about? What would the world be like if we all just chilled out a bit and took 3 deep breaths?

In the YogaMotion Academy we take pride in motivating our students to listen deeply to their own hearts. Through connection with ourselves we become more effective in communicating with our community. It is from this passion that we share the yoga. It does begin with the breath moving through us and around us that we are able to listen deeply to ourselves. As a teacher at the Academy my intention as I step into my role is to teach from a place of inner knowing. When we speak from our hearts it is more likely that whoever we are talking to will be more apt to listen. There is a certain type of energy that fills the space when someone is speaking from their hearts. I think I’ll try it in my own day to day interactions.


As you sit with yourself and absorb these writings please be gentle. Take a mental note as you move through your day. Are you listening deeply? From this place of deep listening do you feel closer to the person you are communicating with?

Through honesty, consciousness and listening deeply we pave the road to peace. 

Even if it is a text message or an email please take a deep breath during your reading of the message. Before you push SEND take a breath. Is this really what you are wanting to say? 

Through my process of writing I have discovered:

 Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Deep Listening and Conscious Communication go hand in hand.


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