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Private sessions are a wonderful addition to your yoga practice. There are a few different reasons why meeting one on one with your teacher is helpful. Here are a few scenarios to consider.

You are brand new to the practice of yoga.  A few private sessions will steer you in the right direction with your physical alignment and your breathing. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to ask questions.

If you have an injury or illness some of these can be addressed before a group class. There are, however, some conditions that require a bit more attention and while I am not a yoga therapist I do have knowledge about certain challenges. A private session is a good place to work with these.

It is no secret that yoga can bring up a lot of “issues”. Meeting with your teacher one on one can provide a space where you can share your concerns and get your questions answered. I am NOT a psychotherapist but can help a student understand the psychological and emotional releases that yoga can evoke.

Yoga is much more than the work we do on the mat. When a student is really serious about their yoga it becomes helpful to examine their entire lifestyle and make more balanced choices. This is where I can help. We can discuss your goals and map out a plan to assist you in reaching your goals.

Are you interested in designing a home practice? I can help with this. You may have some goals in mind. Gaining flexibility, strength or balance are the benefits of a regular yoga practice. We can design a sequence together. I like to do a bit of yoga everyday, rather than once a week or once a month. Our bodies respond to a dedicated practice and you will see growth much more quickly.

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