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Sacred Sunday

Often times a group yoga class consists of a 60-75 minute practice with the focus being primarily the physical practice of yoga. The physical practice is wonderful but there comes a time when a student craves something a bit more in depth. There also comes a time when a teacher is ready to offer a more in depth experience.

While I was teaching in Alaska I quite often stepped in as a sub for my daughter Megan’s Sunday morning class. The name of the class was Sacred Sunday and it was a 2 hour experience. That may seem like a good chunk of time and for most of us we aren’t used to a 2 hour practice. Keep in mind that it is not all physical postures. When you combine pranayama, meditation, asana and a bit of talking it becomes more of a complete experience. Sacred Sunday turned out to be my favorite class to teach. I enjoyed sharing the deeper aspects of the ancient practice of yoga. It was an opportunity for me the teacher and the students to have more of a dialogue, rather than me just guiding the practice.

 Now I’m going to be offering Sacred Sunday here, in Stevensville. I have found the perfect space – right on Main Street – where we will gather at Starrett Artists. It’s a beautiful space, with big windows facing east. The morning sun streams in and it feels magical. I hope you can join me every Sunday morning beginning January 22 from 9-11 am. There will be movement, exploration of breath, study of yoga philosophy and of course meditation and dharma talks.  It will be a group experience which I have found provides something extra special. It feels good to be part of a group, a group of people moving and breathing and meditating together.

Sacred Sunday – union with the divine, connecting to Self. The perfect way to begin your week.

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