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The Path of Intimacy

The Path of Intimacy:

A Meditation Style to Love

It began one dark, cold morning. My meditation for today was to have my favorite morning beverage and savor the taste of the warm, sweet liquid as it flowed down into my belly. I wrapped my hands around my cup and the heat was absorbed into my skin. The color of the liquid was that of milk chocolate and the fragrance…Mmmmmmm. My favorite part of my morning coffee. This was my elixir.  hands-on-tea-cup

And that was the beginning of my travels on the Path of Intimacy. I could really get my heart around this! 5 minutes was all I needed to begin my day with a smile on my face and an opening of my heart to the wonder of the natural world. Since that morning over 2 years ago my meditations have always been interesting. I was stepping into the flow of my life. The snow began to sparkle in ways I was never aware of. The greens and browns of the trees were buzzing in my inner world. I never miss a day of immersing myself in the brilliance that is radiating within me and around me.

We can speak of two paths of meditation. The Path of Intimacy which includes acceptance, expressing individuality, and living in the world vs. the Path of the Renunciate where obedience, denial and celibacy reside. Which path appeals to you? We need both of these styles of meditation but what ideals are most often portrayed? Quiet the mind and return to your focus of meditation are the instructions so often spoken of in meditation circles. Which is why so many individuals feel like they have failed! Living in the world with our families, pets, jobs, financial responsibilities, stress, stress and more stress is more conducive to the path of intimacy.

Spending ten minutes after work and before dinner to review your day is healthy.

This is how we learn from our exchanges with others, what activities we spent time on and how we moved through each day. This is what most meditators leave out. Professional sports teams always review the tape from the game. That’s how they learn! Olympic athletes go over their performances to see how they can improve their time. Meditators on the path of intimacy review to see when they stepped away from their flow and when they were deeply immersed in it.

I tried the path of denial, hitting myself internally when a thought would come into my meditation time and it simply was not for me. I had thoughts of failure, shame and disgust that I couldn’t block out my never- ending stream of thoughts. I’m still healing from this and I will write about this in my next blog.anchorage-meditation-photo

So now, I spend time thinking of what I LOVE and will engage all of my senses, embrace my desires and pay attention to my natural instincts. The elemental world in which I live is such a dear friend, with the air that is being exhaled by the trees and the rivers nourishing me. I no longer run from my emotions that flood my body and my heart for I know that without them I would be dull, with no energy flowing through me.


This whole universe is a path of liberation,

A vast arena for your endless play.

Playing, let your awareness be everywhere at once.

Planets, stars, swirling galaxies, subatomic motes—

All are dancing within you.

Enter the rhythm,

Descend into the space between beats.

Dissolve into intimacy with the Dancing One.

                                                             Sutra 33 from the Radiance Sutras


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